What’s It Like to be in Real Estate?


It’ll be no surprise for you that the most common question I get as a REALTOR® is, “How’s the real estate market?”  Next is, “What are interest rates?”  And third is something like, “I’ve thought about getting into real estate…what is it like?” 

March 23rd marks 10 years in real estate for me.  Time has flown!  When I look back, I remember thinking that my days would be so fun: showing property, doing open houses, seeing my sign in front of houses I listed, writing offers, and getting commission checks.  And yes, that’s a good chunk of it.

What didn’t I realize?  I didn’t know how hard I would have to work or how many hours this job would take.  I had no idea how much rejection I would face (good thing I learned what it’s like by asking girls out in high school!!) I had no idea I would drive 24,000 miles per year.  I didn’t even consider how many emotions I would navigate…both my clients and my own. 

I’ve dealt with life and death, gain and loss, moving up and moving away.  I’ve helped clients do a short sale and then come back from it to buy again.  I’ve helped people sell in divorce and then prepare to buy again in a new marriage.  I’ve learned a lot of very personal things about friends who become clients and have proven how I keep what I know confidential so it never gets shared with anyone…ever!

There’s nothing like this business.  For those who dream of getting into real estate, I’d say very simply, this:  It’s not for the faint of heart.  It’s not for the person who doesn’t have the full support of his or her family.  It’s not for the person who just wants to make a lot of money.  It’s not a side job to make extra money really easy. 

If what I’ve shared has you excited, interested, or even curious, reach out to me.  I’d love to explore it with you.  Call/text/email anytime.  

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